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Hear from Real Clients

Happy Businessman

"Prior to my session with Cynthia, my life was pretty terrible. I would have some good days but mostly bad days where I couldn't control my anxiety and panic attacks.


I had tried so many different things and nothing seemed to work.


Since my session, I have been able to achieve everything I wanted. I can now enjoy my day-to-day tasks without having scary thoughts and anxiety episodes.


It ended up being the best decision ever. What I liked the most was being heard and understood, and like Cynthia wanted to help solve the problem."

Roberts, USA

"I sought hypnosis to quit smoking.


During my session with Cynthia I felt tuned in and connected to the positive messages I was hearing from her. It was a liberating mental experience.


Every night before I fall asleep I listen to the recording she gave me. Her voice is very soothing and calming.


I cannot thank Cynthia enough for her expertise as a healer. Hypnosis has changed me life."

Hope, USA

Happy Female Gardener

"Prior to my session with Cynthia, I was dealing with a lack of confidence.


During the session, I felt relaxed and comfortable.


Since my session, I made the decision to go on my own to a conference in Los Angeles, I would never have even thought to do that before my session!


I have also noticed that I feel calmer and more able to tackle projects since my session with Cynthia. 


Anyone who is wanting to uncover their beliefs and fears should have a session with Cynthia, she is compassionate and caring, and really puts a lot of effort into her clients!"

Debbie, Australia



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